As a kid, I saw my parents work hard to provide for their family, but not just at work, but in the community. I learned the value of service from my father, who coached basketball and football while chairing the St. Marianne’s annual carnival for several years. I saw my mother, who worked long hours in Downtown Los Angeles, make her way home against rush hour traffic so she could make parent foundation meetings. They did this as they scraped by to raise their four children, provide opportunity, and show us what it took to make a difference in the world, no matter how small.


That is why I am running for re-election to the Pico Rivera City Council, because the example my parents set showed me that if you want to make a difference in your community, you have to work hard and give of your time, your tears, and most importantly, yourself.

We’ve accomplished much the past five years. We secured a $15 million bond to repave our residential streets. We chartered a community collaborative to aggressively, and compassionately, address homelessness in our community. PRIME, Pico Rivera Innovative Municipal Energy, made Pico Rivera the first city in Los Angeles County to purchase their own electricity and increase our renewable energy consumption to 50%. Finally, we established a groundbreaking City Council Code of Ethics that requires Councilmembers to announce publicly when voting on agenda items if they have received campaign contributions from any vendor bidding for City contracts. This is the first ever requirement to create a new level of transparency previously unestablished.

There is more to do, though. Our City’s infrastructure needs renovation and reinvestment, but not privatization. We need to do more for our younger generations of Pico Riverans by building more housing along our major corridors, allowing us to attract more businesses while keeping the suburban character in our neighborhoods. Finally, we need to continue promoting transparency by publishing Council actions and budget decisions on the City’s website with tools to help residents hold us accountable. We need to do this while focusing on our City’s recovery and needs as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on our economy.

We can do this, but we need your help. I’m proud to have served for two terms while providing ethical and innovative leadership, but it takes hard work to do this. We don’t accept contributions from private contractors or vendors. This makes fundraising a bit more of a challenge, but with your support, we can reach our voters in one of the biggest elections in recent history. We appreciate any support you can provide and remember, vote for Brent Tercero on Tuesday, November 3rd!



     Brent Tercero is the second of four siblings, all of whom are proud to call Pico Rivera their home. Growing up next door to his grandparents, he understood from a young age what made Pico Rivera so great: family values and a focus on community. He attended St. Marianne’s Parish School. After college, he came back to Pico Rivera and taught at Los Angeles Unified School District before being laid off due to budget cuts in 2009. After a year unemployed because of the Great Recession, Brent decided to pursue a master’s in public policy degree from the University of Southern California. 


While attending USC, Brent saw a need for ethical leadership in the community and ran for City Council. After knocking on thousands of doors, talking to hundreds of voters, and funding his campaign through friends and family without any contributions from contractors, he became the youngest Councilmember in the history of Pico Rivera in 2011.

While serving on Council, Brent has worked in nonprofits that focus on leadership development and education advocacy. He currently serves as the Managing Director of External Affairs for a leading nonprofit that elevates teacher voice to propose solutions that advance student and teacher success. 


Focused on providing the best service to the residents who voted him into office, Brent also sought to increase his understanding of administrative policies and procedures. As a result, he chose to pursue his Doctorate of Public Administration from California Baptist University leveraging a memorandum of understanding that provided learning opportunities for Pico Rivera employees to advance their education. Paying his own tuition, Brent is now writing his dissertation on the relationship between City Councils and City Managers.







Cristina Garcia


El Rancho School Boardmember Dr. Teresa Merino


El Rancho School Boardmember Carolyn Castillo


El Rancho School Boardmember Carolyn Castillo

El Rancho School Boardmember

Esther Mejia

El Rancho School Boardmember Dr. Joe Rivera

El Rancho School Boardmember-Elect Arlene Perez



As a Councilmember, Brent has focused on innovative and ethical leadership. Some of his accomplishments include:

 Administrative reforms to prevent corruption and unethical practices within the City’s workforce 

 A groundbreaking City Council Code of Ethics that requires all Councilmembers to  announce if they have received a campaign contribution from a vendor when  voting on an item that would benefit that company or person 

Sustainable Energy

 Pico Rivera Innovative Municipal Energy (PRIME), an energy purchasing program  run by the city that provides cheaper, and cleaner, electricity for residents 

 A $15million street improvement bond to repair and resurface  residential streets 

Organic Farmer's Market

 Pico Rivera’s Farmer’s Market